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Sometimes the most ordinary things could

be made extraordinary

simply by doing them with the right people.


Now that you are here, you are closer to solving the challenges keeping you awake relative to your business. is the Strategy and Coaching Practice of XylaWorks, Inc., led by Dr. Cedric D. Alford, MBA, Chairman of XylaWorks, Inc.

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We are dedicated to these purposes:

Fractional COO & CMO

CTO Advisory

Management Coaching

Leadership Development

Market Research

Special Projects

Business Consulting

Marketing Consulting

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Don’t just take our word for it, hear impressions from our actual clients.

“Dr. Alford is very efficient and conscientious in every aspect of business. His strong professionalism and business practice is A+, which also measures his compassion for the community.”

Joyce Spencer
Joyce Spencer
Joyce Spencer Music

“Dr. Alford is the very best at what he does. He is very methodical in his approach. In other words, he can be trusted to give the very best.”

Andreas Fulcher
Andreas Fulcher
Onycha Industries Corporation