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What we have to offer

Fractional COO, CMO, & CTO Advisory

Dr. Alford has over 25 years of global experience in operations, marketing, management, leadership and technology. Having roles that began humbly as an intern to his most recent role as a corporate director on Microsoft’s Worldwide Emerging Solutions team, Dr. Alford’s can plug the gaps of knowledge for those organizations seeking a consultant’s view of their business, industry and next steps. A key differentiator for Dr. Alford in this area involves the 1000’s of customers and over 100 Fortune 500 companies that have benefited from his engagement.

Management Coaching

Dr. Alford has deep experience in training, technical development, analytics, marketing, management and global leadership. This includes practical experience, academic research, as well as academic leadership, serving as Faculty Lead at the Jack Welch Management Institute and as Organizational Leadership Professor at Colorado State University Global Campus. In short, with almost 10 years of graduate-level teaching experience, Dr. Alford has taught 1000’s of students marketing, business analytics, leadership and management, and Capstone. These students are driving new areas of growth in their organizations around the world.

Leadership Development

Dr. Alford’s leadership coaching is based on meeting aspiring leaders where they are and developing a strategic plan for what’s next. Dr. Alford works with each individual to create their biographical explanation of leadership and the understand the four discourses of leadership as well as the various leadership styles and organizational forms. Leveraging a combination of theory and application, Dr. Alford works with each leader on a personal plan to evolve towards what Dr. Alford considers the ideal leadership philosophy. That philosophy is to focus more on the sustainability of their organization and its impact on the community and broader ecosystem. This is a mindset very different from the focus on short-term profitability, which is important, but only when paired with a vision for sustainability.

Market Research & Special Projects

Dr. Alford has significant experience working with government, private-sector, entrepreneurs, small-businesses and publicly-traded organizations on market research and special projects. Most organizations have extremely talented team members with very little experience in addressing ad hoc projects beyond their core competence. Leaders in these organizations simply need a partner that will “figure it out” without much direction. Dr. Alford has filled this gap a number of times for many different organizations, investors and individuals. Examples include:

  • College Dean Ask: Create a competitive analyses of a specific market and develop a SWOTT to assess risk.
  • Mega Church Pastor Ask: Perform qualitative interviews with music ministry across three locations for the purpose of assessing sentiment and their thoughts on improving the operational and performance quality.
  • Real Estate CEO Ask: Create a tool track daily investment decisions to eliminate Excel spreadsheet usage.
  • M&A Investor Ask: Sit in on this meeting with a potential target and provide your take on if we should proceed.
  • Doctors Group CEO Ask: Develop a tool that manages credentialing of our anesthesiologists as well as assign them to hospitals, operating rooms and track calendars for availability.
  • Transit Agency VP Ask: Perform an analysis of traffic to retail centers, create a solution to queuing at the centers and develop architectural renderings of a redesign of the retail centers.
  • Bankruptcy Court Ask: Create a system to track the various court dockets and provide secure access based on privileges.
  • Entrepreneur Ask: Develop market research for a new product and create a pitch deck for investors based on research.
  • Investor Ask: Take a look at this business plan and let me know the questions that I need to ask.
  • Non-Profit Founder Ask:  Sit in on three of my board meetings and provide an assessment of our maturity as well as make recommendations for how we can transition to a high-performing board.
  • Marketing VP Ask: Create RFP framework for a marketing technology need and consult on the evaluation and selection process.

General Business and Marketing Consulting

Dr. Alford has decades of experience helping small- to medium-sized businesses execute on their goals of starting and sustaining a business. From supporting the development of business plans to creating marketing plans, Dr. Alford’s advice and execution has proven to be the secret of success for many organizations. Having a background that spans industries and offering advice that is grounded in both theory and application, Dr. Alford offers a differentiated offering and context very difficult replicate with less seasoned professionals. You either have the experience and relationships or you do not. Dr. Alford does.

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